Friday, June 18, 2021

Pacific Northwest Vacation - Day 3: More Seattle

On our third day in Seattle we head back out to Pike Place Market and got more of the doughnuts that Kai and I loved the previous morning. Nothing like freshly-baked doughnuts!
But my wife told me that she would have a crab melt bagel and that sounded good to me so I wanted to have that, too.
It was good, but my wife figured out that they used imitation crab instead of real crab meat and it just didn't measure up to the crab melt I had for lunch the first day here. But we did again take our foods outside and enjoyed the view while we ate.
Our main activity of the morning was to visit the Seattle Aquarium. On our walk there, we made sure to pass by The Gum Wall.
Located in an alleyway in Pike Place Market, The Gum Wall is a local landmark. Used chewing gum line a 50 foot section of brick wall.
It is an odd and original tourist attraction.
A few minutes later, we were at the aquarium. Kai and I gently touched sea urchins and anemones.
Even though he is older now, Kai still loves all hands-on activities and enjoys touching critters so this was perfect for him.
Kai always enjoys the jellyfish at any aquarium we visit.
Some of the anemone were as colorful as the Chihuly glass we saw yesterday.
It wasn't a large aquarium, but there was a nice amount of various fish and even some birds and sea animals such as this seal.
Kai wanted to have a clam chowder sourdough bread bowl for lunch. He had wanted it at the restaurant we went to on Day 1 but that place had run out so he had a regular bowl of chowder instead. But today he really wanted to have the bread bowl. We checked out one restaurant that was renown for chowder but the line looked like the wait would be a good hour. So we went to an open air market where the line was shorter.

As we waited in line to order, I suggested that Kai think of what else to order in case this place did not have the bread bowl either. As he is wont to do these days, he exploded saying that if there was no bread bowl then we would leave immediately. As the area was very crowded, it would make no sense to leave and have to go somewhere else and wait in another line. I told him there was no reason to get mad but there's no reasoning with Kai when he gets like this.

Fortunately this place did have the bread bowls and we avoided a scene and more conflict. We also were able to get three seats, which was very lucky as there was only room for around 8 or so at the small counter.
The chowder was very good and Kai ate all of his bread bowl.
After lunch, we walked around and browsed some shops. There were a number of interesting independent stores in the area, particularly in Pike Place Market. One favorite was a shop that sold Donut Cats.
We also went to a shop that sold these amazing looking chocolate-covered apples. We had seen this place on our first night and wanted to get dessert there, but when we went there after dinner it had already closed. So we picked up some sweets now to enjoy later in the evening.
After a break at the hotel, we went to Kerry Park to take in the best view in Seattle.
For dinner, the choice was sushi. Seattle is said to have a lot of great sushi restaurants. We had reservations at one near our hotel that had great reviews on TripAdvisor.
The sushi was good, but for the prices charged we expected better. It wasn't as good as the fantastic sushi we had in places like at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, or the place we loved in southern California.

But we did enjoy the chocolate-covered apples we bought earlier.

And that was a nice way to wrap up the day.

We really enjoyed Seattle but tomorrow we will be headed out.


  1. Sushi and apples! So yum!

    And I am glad they had the bread bowls after all.

    Also - I wonder if the Chihuly glassmakers were sometimes inspired by the anemones?

    Reminded me a lot of the show on Netflix BLOWN AWAY which I watched at the start of the year.

    Where are you going from Seattle?


  2. Hi Adelaide, I would not be surprised if they were inspired by anemones. A lot of their work looked like they came out of the sea. I had not heard of Blown Away so will have to look for it when we get back.

    We're on to Olympic National Park and then down the Pacific coast into Oregon.

  3. Too bad about the crab melt. I know the disappointment I feel whenever the food doesn't measure up. However, the sourdough clam chowder bowl looked delicious. It is good Kai got what he finally wanted to eat.

    I am not a fan of the chewing gum wall...yuck. However, I like to see innovative structures and

    Well, it was a nice day to finish up with Seattle. I am looking forward to see where you go next.

    1. Ha, the gum wall is definitely not for everyone. 'Intriguing' might be one nice way to describe it.

      I think you'll like where we went next.


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