Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Pacific Northwest Vacation - Day 7: Clouds and the Oregon Coast

It seems like there are times during each of our vacations where I wonder what in the world was I thinking of planning a vacation with Kai, and vowing that we would never go on another trip together again. On this vacation, this was that day.

Besides his autism, Kai has high levels of anxiety and depression. It can be hard to predict when those become a factor. In this case, tech issues may have provided a trigger. The night before, he couldn’t download the pictures he took from his phone to his laptop. Then the video game he was playing kept crashing. The extra long wait at restaurants didn’t help. And once Kai gets agitated, things can spiral. He becomes very negative and angry.

We took more time at our inn before we left Cannon Beach to try to give Kai time to calm down. But with a long day ahead, we had to get going. But he (and we) had a rough time in the car, to put it mildly.

I asked my wife to text Kai’s therapist and see if he was available. He said he could talk to Kai for 20 minutes. We finally came to a town and parked the car in the lot of a supermarket while Kai talked to his therapist.

After they finished talking, Kai was much calmer. We went to a Starbucks and got drinks for everyone. And then we continued on.

We ended up having a good day and Kai was happy.

We would drive 230 miles down the Oregon coast. Our first stop was at Cape Kiwanda.
For lunch, we stopped in Depoe Bay and found a place for more seafood. We started with more oyster shooters. The oysters were from the area and were huge.
Kai had fried oysters.
Depoe Bay (the bay, not the town) was beautiful.
Devil's Punchbowl is said to be better at high tide. We were there at low tide and the devil had drained the punchbowl.
Our favorite place of the day was Yaquina Head.
The area is beautiful but what made it extra special is that the low tide worked in our favor here as we were able to explore the tide pools.
We got to see and touch many sea life including anemones.
And sea urchins.
Kai loved it. He said this was his favorite spot on this vacation.
We even saw many seals.
And mussels.
We also went to Thor's Well which is also known as the drainpipe of the Pacific. As it was getting late, we viewed it from afar.
The area there was also beautiful.
For dinner, we found a place where the wait wasn't too long! Kai had a peanut butter and jalapeno burger. He said it was good!
Near the motel is a beach that has sea stacks. But it was very foggy and we could barely see it.
Our travels will continue inland.


  1. So long as the day has a strong finish, it can be considered a good day. :)
    The tidal pools looked like it was fun. I love the cool ocean breezes of the Pacific Northwest. Seafood must taste very good there. It is a rarity here.

    A peanut and jalapeño that was the first time I had heard of that.

    I love rough ocean coasts. It makes everything you see so interesting. Another nice day.

    1. Kai loved the tide pools. It was like the hands-on portion of the aquarium except it was all natural!

      The ocean breezes were very nice. The temps have been near perfect so far but the heat wave is coming. :(

      It was funny that on the menu the restaurant said the peanut butter and jalapeno burger tastes better than it sounds. And Kai liked it so it must have been good.

      The rugged coastlines are so beautiful.

    2. Agree with that [about the rugged coastline].

      Those urchins really were something.

      I imagine that the peanut butter would have made a very similar effect to satay - and the interactions with jalapeño would have been interesting.

      [it would have provoked the Fifth Taste/umami effect].

      Though I think if I had eaten it I would have wanted something like an extra Starbucks drink to save. [My ambitions with spices are far greater than my abilities].

      Seals and mussels for the win.

      With reason they call Thor's Well the "drainpipe of the Pacific".

    3. Interesting comparison on the peanut butter to satay. I wonder if that is how they got the idea.

      The seals were like a bonus... didn't expect to see them there.


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