Monday, June 21, 2021

Pacific Northwest Vacation - Day 6: Ruby Beach to Cannon Beach

Before leaving Olympic National Park, we went to one more beach that was on our way out of the area. Ruby Beach is another gorgeous locale.
My wife was still tired from all the walking we did the past two days so she sat on a log and rested while Kai took a short walk to explore more of the beach. Kai waded in the water for just a bit and said the water was very cold.
We went to take a closer look at the sea stacks.
One rock had a mini version of the Hole-in-the-Wall.
Peek a boo
There was a hint of fog on one side.
When we got back to where my wife was sitting, we saw that she had made a new friend. Toby just came up to her as most dogs tend to do.
It was a nice little beach.
From there we spent drove a few hours south. We stopped for lunch at a DQ and our string of slow service at restaurants continued in the drive thru line. It wasn't so bad, but did take longer than you would expect for a restaurant of that type.

We entered Oregon and made a stop at Fort Stevens State Park to see the remains of a shipwreck.
And then we continued on to our final destination of the day, Cannon Beach Oregon.
The Haystock Rock at Cannon Beach is quite large.
It was a nice sandy beach. The water was cold but Kai enjoyed wading in and out for nearly an hour.
For dinner we went to a casual restaurant where you order your food and then find an outdoor table to sit at. We ordered oyster shooters, fish and chips for me and Kai, and Ahi salad for my wife. It took over 45 minutes after ordering before the food was ready. Kai was ready to explode. Between issues with waiting for food and having tech issues with the hotel wifi and the online games he's trying to play, it's been a tough afternoon. But he settled down once the food came.
After dinner I went back out to the beach by myself to see the sunset.
Unfortunately clouds rolled in and the sun disappeared so the sunset wasn't as good as I hoped. But it was still interesting to see the Haystack Rock in a different light.
Tomorrow we are driving down the coast of Oregon.


  1. A very nice day. Careful, you and Kai look a little red from the sun. Sitting outside always makes the food taste better. It is strange that everything is so slow in service. It would drive me nuts. The coast of Oregon and upper California is so beautiful. Driving through the redwood forests is surreal.

    1. We didn't pack the sunscreen... probably should pick up some at a store.

      Wondering if some of slow service is due to a shortage of workers that I've heard about. But I don';t think that's the reason for all of it. Seems like things just are slow around here. It drives me nuts, too, especially when I'm using up all my patience with Kai's own deliberate pace.

      I love the upper California coast so looking forward to the Oregon coast.


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