Sunday, March 3, 2013

Letting You In On A Secret

When my son got home from school the other day, he said to my wife, “Mom, I have a secret.

“If I stay safe for 11 more days, I will make Level 4.”

Regular readers know that my son attends a public therapeutic school for kids with social and emotional challenges that result in behavior issues. The school employs a level system where students enter at Level 1, and progress by exhibiting good behavior. Attaining each subsequent level is harder than the previous one. When a student reaches Level 5, they may begin the process to transition back to their home school if their parents so choose.

After entering the school in the middle of his kindergarten year, it took Kai more than nine months to make it to Level 2, and then another 18 months to get to Level 3 where he is now. This past October, Kai was on the verge of reaching Level 4. But then he had a major incident, and then a few more. We haven’t given a level change too much thought since.

But Kai had a safe month in January, and did pretty well in February, too. So the news that he was getting close to this milestone was not a complete surprise.

When I got home from work that day, my wife asked Kai if he wanted to tell me his secret. I was very happy that he shared his news with me.

Two days later, he earned a 100% on his daily point sheet, indicating that not only did he stay safe, but also was respectful to the staff, which has been something he’s needed to work on. In addition, he earned a Student of the Week recognition for only the second time in the past six months.

So, we are happy that things are going well right now.

But we’ve been here before.

Let’s see if Kai can put together two more good weeks and then we’ll talk.

But, please, don’t tell anyone yet. It’s a secret.


  1. Brilliant. Happy news. Will keep fingers crossed x

  2. How sweet! I will keep my fingers crossed and only think positive thoughts!

  3. That is really great! I suppose just knowing he is close causes a stress on him all in itself! I hope he can do it! Good for him for having a great January and February, too! Yay! I'm sure he's very excited!

    1. Betsy, we're not sure if he gets more stressed from getting close, but we do. :)

  4. Go Kai! It is so good to know that it means so much to him. He is on the right is all about repeatedly putting his left foot before the pick himself and dust himself off should he get back on that path and keep his eye on the goal. So long as he stresses what he should do over that of stressing what he should not do...his mind will be in the right place. When it becomes habit...he will no longer have to think of it at all. He has the long as he allows it to guide his actions...he will continue to improve. I am rooting for Kai. So long as he learns from his falls...he cannot help but to emerge stronger.

    Quantity of Quality x Time = a foregone conclusion. Kai is destined for a sweet victory. Whether it be now or a little shall eventually come...but sweet, it shall be.

    1. Shiroi, Kai usually knows what he should do. But when he is angry, his dark side often takes over. But he seems to be (gradually) able to deal with frustration better and his anger doesn't overwhelm him as much as before. Hopefully one day it will become more like a habit not to get angry. But it is good to see that he is on the right path.


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