Sunday, March 31, 2013

San Diego Vacation – Day 2 – SeaWorld

You can’t visit San Diego with a child and not go to SeaWorld. And so, on the second day of our vacation, that’s what we did.

I wasn’t sure how long we would stay there. Kai has not had much interest in animals or aquariums in the past. But we had multi-day passes, so we were prepared to stay there for just a short time and go back on another day if necessary.

Our first stop at SeaWorld was a place where you can feed rays. Longtime readers may recall that Kai had a terrible public meltdown just last summer at the aquarium at Niagara Falls when they stopped giving out fish before he had his turn to feed the seals. Here, there were no limits, so he got to feed the rays.

It was a very cool experience. Not only could you feed them, you could see them up close and touch them. Kai loved it!

Of course, you cannot go to SeaWorld without seeing Shamu, the killer whale. After feeding the rays, we headed over to the stadium for the Shamu show and got good seats down low in the Wet Zone.

Kai is a boy with many anxieties. One of them is a fear of getting wet. And so, long before the show even started, he wanted to put on his jacket even though it was warm sitting there in the sun while we waited.

It was quite a show.

Shamu is a great performer.

And while many in the crowd got soaked, we escaped Shamu’s splash and stayed dry.

When I was a kid, Shamu was the only attraction at SeaWorld. These days there are many more things to see and do.

We saw a show with dolphins…

and one with sea lions…

and even one with dogs and cats and other animals.

Kai enjoyed all of the shows.

We ended up staying there until late in the afternoon. While we did not go on any rides because Kai did not want to, we saw everything else we wanted to see.

There were no outbursts. There was no whining. There was very little anxiety.

For one day at least, we enjoyed a day on vacation like any other family would.

And that was more spectacular than even Shamu.

Tomorrow: Legoland

Click to read about Day 1 of our vacation.


  1. YAY! I'm so glad! Looks like fun and so glad it was a lovely day!

    Legoland? Oh wow...I know Kai will love that!

    1. Thanks, Betsy. It was a lovely day!

  2. Kai's smile said it all. What a great day for all of you. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more of your next day's fun.

    1. That particular picture was taken at the Pets Rule show, but he was smiling like that at all the shows. We offered to leave before seeing the last one, but he said he wanted to see all of them, and we could tell he liked each one.

  3. I have heard that Sea World in San Diego is a great place to spend the day with the family. Looks like everyone had a blast judging by the photos you posted. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Janette, I was surprised how much we all enjoyed it. I had expected Kai to get tired and want to leave after an hour or two, but he loved it very much and we saw much more than expected.


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