Monday, March 18, 2013

Skate Show Practice – Two Years Later

My son has been enrolled in our local special needs ice skating class for three winters now.

The first time he took the class, we signed him up to participate with his group in the ice show that was held in the spring. The experience of the ice show itself was surprisingly good, but I still recoil every time I think of the practices for the show.

Kai hated the practices. They were long. They were boring. They mostly required that he stand and listen to the instructor give instructions, and then methodically do all the movements instructed. Kai often ended up lying on the ice, refusing to move.

The group photo for the show accurately reflects his demeanor on the ice.

I was somewhat relieved last year when his skating class did not participate in the ice show.

But this year, they will be in it once again.

I asked Kai if he wanted to be in the show. I told him that he did not have to participate, but if he said he did, he would have to attend the 8AM practices without complaint, listen to the teacher, and participate nicely.

He grouchily said, “OKAY, I’LL DO IT!” as if I was forcing him to.

I calmly repeated that he did not have to do the show, and he again said that he would.

This past Saturday morning was his first practice session.

After a short free skate warmup, the instructor gathered the young skaters together and walked them through the routine.

I kept waiting for Kai to explode.

But he did not.

And, actually, he seemed to enjoy it.

I could see him raising his arms up when the instructor did.

I could see him clapping in unison to the music.

Why, he was having fun, wasn’t he?

And afterward, he even admitted it.

Don't you like it when expected torture turns out to be fun?

Here’s hoping it will stay like that for the remaining practices.


  1. With each new lesson in something...he learns. The more he participates, the better he will get in everything. I know he doesn't realize it yet (children rarely do) but it is in the participation that he is learning how to learn. When he opens up his mind to learning by being willing to participate in new things...he will see the same patterns of learning in everything. I think he is starting to see the good coming from his participation in activities.

    1. I think you are absolutely right that trying new things open his mind up to learning. I try to push his boundaries, and sometimes it doesn't work out too well, but I think over the long term, he is better off for it.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad! When I'm expecting the worst, my boys usually surprise me and I'm glad we tried something when my whole being shouted inside me not to do it. lol...

    I hope the entire season is just as fun as this first practice for Kai!

    1. I like nice surprises like that. :)

      We still have several more practices before the shows on Mother's Day weekend, but hopefully Kai will continue to enjoy them.


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