Friday, September 17, 2010

Bonding Time to Start Each Day

For about two months now, my six year old son and I have gone for a jog nearly every morning before breakfast. The routine started when Kai was in summer school and his teacher reported that he seemed lethargic when he first arrives at school. The idea is that getting out and doing some exercise will wake him up more before school begins. We also heard that movement is generally good for kids with autism, and helps them stay regulated.

There are days when he doesn’t want to go. But, usually once we are out, he enjoys it. Sometimes he will stop to pick up acorns or leaves, and then I have to prompt him to keep running. It’s not always great exercise, but I’m not doing this to train him to become a marathon runner.

It’s pretty quiet out when we’re jogging and we don’t see too many people. The ones we do see usually give a smile. They don’t see too many six year olds out running with their dad. I’ll say “good morning” to them and sometimes Kai does the same. One morning he saw a group of gardeners starting to work on a yard and told them, “You’re doing a good job!”

Now that it is becoming fall, it’s not so hot in the morning. The sun is just coming up when we’re out running. I don’t know how much this is helping him get off to a good start each day at school. But, I treasure it as a nice, peaceful time to have a little dad-and-son bonding.

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