Friday, September 3, 2010

News Flash – Kai Had a Great Day at School!

It is not my intention to give daily updates on my son’s day at school. But, with relatives from as far away as Tokyo reading this blog and feeling down that he had a bad day on Tuesday, followed by another bad one (that I did not write about) on Wednesday, I cannot withhold the news: Kai had his first great day of the new school year on Thursday.

It was evident that the day must have gone well as soon as he got off the cab that brought him home. He was smiling! He was happy! He could not wait for Mom and I to open his backpack and look at the scoresheet that the school sends home every day. It was, indeed, a very good score. More importantly, it showed that he had been safe all day. Kai knew he had done well, and was proud of it.

Of course, now we are wondering why he had a good day today. We know that change in schedules is very hard for kids with autism. So, this could be an indication that he is getting used to being back at school after the break. It could mean that he is beginning to adjust to his new TAs. Perhaps it was the new compression shirt that he wore for the first time, the one that simulates the feeling of being hugged that his body so desires. Or, perhaps this is just an anomaly that won’t carry over.

We know that life is quite a rollercoaster with Kai, and it seems like the ups and downs are magnified during the first week of school. A few weeks into the semester, we probably won’t be reacting quite this much on a daily basis.

We try to tell ourselves to stay on an even keel on the bad days, and so, too, should we on the good ones. But, when I see the smile on my wife’s face and know that, if just for a day, her headaches are lessened, I can’t help but feel good about it.

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