Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey! I Like This Song, Too!

During our weekly dad-and-son visits to our local public library, we always get movies for Kai to watch as well as CDs for him to listen to in the car. On long car rides in particular, it’s always good to have something that captures his attention and keeps him from being upset that we are stuck in traffic.

Lately, I’ve found some great selections that combine songs that he really enjoys while also being educational. His current favorites are a series of videos and songs from the Schoolhouse Rock series. Schoolhouse Rock originated in the 1970s as a series of Saturday morning short cartoons. These cartoons have been compiled into DVDs and CDs on topics such as multiplication, grammar, science, money, and government.

With Kai’s love of numbers, his favorite collection is Multiplication Rock. But, funny enough, he also likes Walkin’ on Wall Street from The Best of Schoolhouse Rock collection.

The latest one we got, Grammar Rock, teaches kids about the different parts of speech. And, it does so through fun, catchy songs. My personal favorite is Interjections! I never used to be able to tell an interjection from a conjunction. But now, through these songs that Kai loves, I’ve learned some grammar, too.

Hey! That is awesome! Hurray!

You can watch and listen to Interjections! and see for yourself.  But, I’m warning you, it’s really catchy so don't get mad at me if you keep hearing it over and over in your head all day.

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