Saturday, September 4, 2010

Delightful Sequence of Events for Kai’s Bubbe

We will be visiting Kai’s grandparents in Michigan this weekend. He loves seeing them and we always have a great time whenever we go.

We do a lot of fun activities that Kai enjoys like going blueberry picking or heading to the beach. But, sometimes it’s the little things that are the most memorable for me.

For instance, on one visit about a year ago, Kai was playing the board game Sequence with his grandparents. Sequence is a game of some skill where the object is to get five in a row. On this occasion, they were playing a version called States & Capitals Sequence where every place on the board is one of the fifty states.

Now, when it comes to games, Kai’s grandfather has a very competitive nature. Early in the game, Kai’s grandmother scorned that Papa would not let his then five year old grandson win, which he readily admitted was true. When Papa used a “Remove” card to block a possible victory for Kai, it was too much for Bubbe, who cried out in disgust. That did not deter Papa, who later used an “Add” card to again prevent Kai from winning.

While Papa was going all out, Kai was barely paying attention, spending much of the game under the table, emerging to make a move, then ducking back under the table again until his next turn.

So, it was quite the moment when Kai popped up, played “Ohio,” which made it five in a row, and announced that he was the winner. Bubbe was delighted while the look of chagrin on Papa’s face was priceless.

I don’t know if Kai will beat Papa in any games on our visit this weekend. But, I am pretty sure that he will do something to make Bubbe, and Papa, too, smile in delight.

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