Friday, August 26, 2011

“I Am Nice”

Kai’s first homework assignment from school was to complete the sentences on the “All About Me” box that each student received.

When I made him do the assignment, he got angry because he wanted to play Pokémon instead. So, for the “Three Words That Describe Me” he wrote “Angry, mean, and mad.” My wife did not think that was appropriate so she later made him do it over. By then, he had calmed down and chose “Nice, joy, and happy” as his three words.

My favorite, though was what he put for “A little-known fact about me is:” He filled in “I am nice.”

Hah. But, I knew that.


  1. "I am nice", is so important. It means that he sees himself as essentially good...and that he recognizes that it is a desirable trait. It is the words of apathy that come from troubled children that are disturbing. Words that describe a negative view of life...where they have given something to fear.

    Kai is so full of life...he has abundant energy. As a sometimes gets misdirected (anger)...but the essential drive is there. That is what is important. To be listless is what is hard to correct.

    Good for all of you. He has plenty of parental he has plenty of drive.

  2. Loved this so much
    His picture is so cute

  3. I am planning to write a post about a recent period of listlessness. When he was quiet, we really missed his usual energy. But, in recent days, the old Kai seems to have returned. Of course, when we hear his angry words, I have to remind myself that this is preferable. :)


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