Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finding Brightness in a Disruptive Event

We had been gone from the house for less than half an hour. But when we returned, we discovered that someone had broken in.

In that moment, the joy of our first-ever family bike ride was temporarily forgotten.

I called 911. They told us to get out of the house.

The three of us went to the front yard and waited for the police. My wife and I explained to Kai what was going on.

He wasn’t afraid. He seemed a little excited, actually, but not overly so.

And when the first police officer arrived, he greeted her and asked her name.

We had to wait outside for quite awhile while the police went through our house. Neighbors came out to ask us what was happening.

Kai was remarkably patient. He didn’t whine or complain. He didn’t need a lot of attention as my wife and I spoke with the police and chatted with the neighbors.

After sitting outside for more than half an hour, he said he was cold so he and my wife went to a neighbor’s house. And there, he waited patiently some more, even without toys to keep him occupied.

When we were finally allowed back into our house, we had to avoid certain rooms so that the police could do their investigation. Kai played nicely in the limited space, often by himself while my wife and I spoke more with the officers.

And later, when he saw an officer dusting for fingerprints, he was curious and wanted to know what she was doing. He was captivated as she kindly explained and then demonstrated with Kai’s own fingers.

As the officer was leaving, he talked to her some more, asking her if she now knew who broke in.

In the face of such a disruptive event, our son, who usually does not like any change from the regular schedule, was engaged, calm, and happy.

And that is more than we could say for ourselves.

My wife and I did not sleep well that night. But, unusually, Kai did.

We are grateful that we are all safe, and that Kai seems unfazed.

Events like these help to put things in perspective.

And so, we will cherish all that is good in our life just a little bit more. Like the smile on our young son’s face, which seems even brighter today.


  1. I had two full scale burglaries where I used to live over 20 years ago. I hope they hadn't trashed the place.

    Well, the day was a special one in Kai's eyes. He, at least, had a new adventure.

    When I had a wrought iron fence erected in the front and the sides connecting to the backyard fence...I had a dog that had free access to the whole property. We were never burglarized again.

  2. My wife, especially, would love to have a dog. The side benefit of keeping intruders away would be an extra bonus. Something to think about...


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