Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Insurance Coverage Denied

“Anyone who has tried to talk with my son could easily see that Kai needs speech therapy. Yet his health insurer has now deemed that it is not necessary.” - From today’s column in the Patch.

Click here to read the whole outrageous story. You will not want to miss it.


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  2. We were initially frustrated by our HMO...we went through our state and had gotten tremendous treatment...luckily. I wonder....how much money your state pays out to drug addicts for their "illness". How many benefits are paid to those who choose to not work. How many....etc. It frustrates me to no end, I do feel for you. We would have been in quite a mess had our state (at the time - they can no longer afford to do the same program we had for Alex for others) not provided full time in home ABA.

    One possible idea (I don't know...I haven't researched it) University students attempting to pursue their advanced degrees in Speech Therapy or similar programs would need some actual clinic time. Perhaps they could provide services for your son and write up their findings and stats using him (perhaps for free).

    I don't know how near you are to a University or if you would have to take him there for therapy...but it might be a possibility to explore.

    Hopefully something along this line could prove to be helpful.

  3. From what I understand, my state (Illinois) is one of the worst in the nation to provide funding for kids with special needs. Even when the economy was good, they did not provide funds for in-home ABA, or anything like that.

    We can explore the idea of college students, but they cannot replace the quality of Kai's longtime speech therapist.

    Hopefully we will yet prevail on our appeal!


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