Friday, November 4, 2011

Surprised by What is on My Son’s Mind

My son’s therapeutic school has what they call a Community Meeting each Friday afternoon. Students from every class gather together, hearing from the director and celebrating the accomplishments of students.

On the first Friday of each month, the staff announces which students went through the entire previous month without a major incident. Those students are honored with a special breakfast the following week.

Kai has been so honored exactly once, nine months ago. Since then, it has been rare for him to go even one week without an incident, let alone an entire month. I had forgotten that they announce these students at the community meetings.

I was reminded only because Kai talked about it this morning.

And that was a surprise. I’m surprised anytime he says anything about school, as he hardly ever does. These days, about the only thing he ever talks about is Pokémon.

I’m taking it as a positive sign that he is looking forward to finding out which of his peers are being honored this month. It is good to know that he cares. Maybe it is an indication that he will be motivated to achieve that again.

But, it won’t happen in November. After only two and a half school days, he’s already had three majors.

So much for November. Can we just skip ahead to December?


  1. Yes...perhaps he sees it as something for which to strive. While I know the acting out portion is a least he has a lot of energy. I don't mean to be flippant. What I have seen in some children is lethargy. There is something in their core drive in life that is not only is something that is far more difficult to correct.

    What is good about Kai is his active mind. It will be a matter of redirecting his drive and compulsions...instead of trying to motivate a prime drive. Many of those children (lethargic) suffer from an imbalanced neuro-chemical system that makes them vulnerable to severe and long term depression.

    Once Kai has a directed drive...he will be able to focus his energy to further his life. Of course...that is the difficult portion of problem resolution isn't it? Not only finding the answer...but the practical application of it. Sorry, I know I wasn't much help here...I just wanted to give hope to better days ahead.

  2. We love Kai's energy and active mind, well, when he isn't wearing us down. :) And so I understand what you are saying about that being better than having him be lethargic. Hopefully we will be able to teach him to channel his energy in only positive ways.


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