Monday, April 9, 2012

Gardening, Golf, and Growth

We had an Easter egg hunt yesterday morning, and then it was time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day out.

With the exceptionally warm Spring we have had, we decided to start our vegetable garden earlier than usual this year. We put everything in pots or planter boxes so we will be able to move them to shelter if the forecast calls for freezing temperatures.

Kai enjoyed helping me this year. He picked out the seeds for the various herbs and vegetables and chose the container for each one. He helped me prepare the soil, and then planted all the seeds with my guidance.

It was nice that he did not get overly silly or impatient. It was a nice way to spend an Easter Sunday morning.

In the afternoon, the three of us found another miniature golf course in our area that we had not gone to before. Miniature golf has become one of Kai’s favorite weekend activities.

Like last week’s course, this course was a lot of fun. Our favorite hole was number seven, which featured a roller coaster that carried your ball to the green.

Although the place wasn’t exceptionally crowded, we did end up having to wait on nearly every hole. In the past, that would have been a recipe for disaster. But this time, Kai stayed very calm and we enjoyed all 18 holes.

He also played nicely, taking more time to aim the ball when he putted, instead of playing ‘hockey style’ like he has in the past where he just kept chasing after the ball and hitting it before it stopped rolling.

We hope these little things are signs of growth and maturity. Regardless, it made for a very nice day.


  1. that does sound like a wonderful time. So glad Kai was patient and everyone enjoyed the outing. I would certainly mark that down as some growth and maturity. what a lovely sunday! :)


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