Friday, April 27, 2012


The most popular toy in the waiting room at one of the places where my son goes for therapy is a 3D maze ball called Perplexus. It never seems to be left alone as one child or another is always playing with it.

Kai is hooked on it, too. Whenever he goes there, he looks forward to trying it. He has never taken to puzzles much before, so it is curious that he is obsessed with this one. I think a lot of it has to do with the numbers that are assigned to each step in the maze.

At home, Kai spends a lot of time looking at YouTube videos of people successfully navigating the ball. I think he has it memorized by now.

With Mom in Japan, she wanted to bring back a few special gifts for Kai. One of the things she found is the Perplexus puzzle.

She showed it to Kai on one of our first Skype sessions to give him something to look forward to when she returns.

Since then, every time we Skype, he asks her how far she has gotten in the maze. I think that he thinks that Mom is spending all of her time in Japan working on it. Probably because that is what he would do.

When Mom returns on Monday, I’m sure he will be very happy to see her. But I also think that one of the first words out of his mouth will be to ask her where the puzzle is.

Welcome home, Mom! Now where is that puzzle?


  1. I laughed as I was reminded how my son used to watch YouTube videos on his interest at the time...over and over and over.

    Just a couple of days more until Kai gets to see his mother again. I'll bet that both, he and his mother, are going to have a very wonderful day on her filled with questions and stories of events passed in their two weeks apart.

    1. I don't know what he would do without YouTube. :)

      We have been on Skype nearly every day so I don't think there will be too much discussion, at least on Kai's part as he doesn't like to ask or answer questions anyway. But, I'm sure he will be very happy to see Mom, and to get the puzzle, too. ;)


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