Monday, April 23, 2012

A Temporary Lift

Just when we needed it, Kai’s grandmother visited us today.

She helped me out by picking Kai up at school and taking him to his therapy sessions. And while that was very nice for me, it was Kai who was most happy to have Bubbe over.

He was in great spirits throughout Bubbe’s visit. During the entire time, he was smiling and laughing and chatting away. The gloom from over the weekend had dissipated.

He even stayed in a great mood as he played the piano for Bubbe, as well as for Mom and his grandparents in Japan via Skype.

Everyone marveled as he played a difficult piece (for him) very nicely, having practiced diligently all week even without Mom around to help him.

Alas, the Skype call ended, and Bubbe had to leave.

Kai went downstairs to use the computer and I took the opportunity to clean up the kitchen from dinner.

A few minutes later, Kai came back upstairs.

“Dad, I really miss Mom.” He looked really really sad.

I tried to comfort him.

“Did Mom go to heaven?”

I couldn’t help but smile a bit at that one. No, I told him, she went to Japan. She will be coming back.

“Am I in heaven?” Where is all this heaven stuff coming from?

No, I said. You are home. And Mom will be home next week, too.

I hugged him. But it wasn’t until I came up with the idea of watching a Muppet dvd together that his spirits lifted again.

The Muppets and Bubbe: the best medicine for a heartsick boy.


  1. I have an idea that might put his mother's trip into perspective - perhaps having him research the city or town where his mother is in...perhaps zooming in from Google maps...first showing Japan and then down to the actual house from above. He could research the major industries, the nearest "fun" location..etc. He could also research the type of plane she will fly back on...the route...the average rate of travel...and perhaps some checkpoints of travel correlated to their expected times of flyover. This his mind, he will be able to be with her at the specified times.

    In the meantime...Grandma and Muppets sound good also :)

    1. I think Kai would like looking at the Google map of where his mom is in Japan. And he may be interested in the travel route/expected times if I can create a nice visual with numbers on it. Very creative ideas!


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