Friday, April 20, 2012

Missing Mom

I have been trying to be extra patient this week.

Although, I must say, my son has been pretty good for the most part, so I haven’t had my patience tested too often.

He has practiced piano when I’ve asked him to. He has eaten his meals without too much of a fuss. He does his homework with no more than the usual whining.

But still, with Mom in Japan, I wanted to make this as good of a time for Kai as possible. I didn’t want to get upset with him.

In addition to being patient, I’ve tried to make things as fun as possible for Kai.

I got him mini pepperonis for his school lunch. We played Frisbee golf. I made homemade popsicles for the first time in ages. We played games that we haven’t played in a long time. I’ve tried to act silly and make him laugh.

And he does laugh. And he has had a good time. And he continues to do well at school.

But he also is very sad at times.

Which is understandable.

He misses Mom.

I comfort him when he is sad. But nothing quite makes up for Mom being there.

Not even homemade popsicles.

As parents, you’d like to think that your child must love you, but still, you wonder sometimes as they don’t always express it every day.

Well, there’s nothing like Mom being gone for it to be obvious. Kai misses his mom very much, and he will be a really happy kid when she is back.


  1. And what is even better...he now realizes it. I am sure he will value his mother even more. There is nothing like temporarily losing something to make you realize the depth of feeling for that which was lost.

    1. I think you are right. I guess it is just human nature not to fully realize how much you love someone until they are not there.


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