Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Fun Brings Lots of Laughs

We did a couple of my son’s favorite summer activities over the weekend.

On Saturday morning we headed over to our community’s beach for the first time this year. I have never been a particularly big beach person – I could easily make do without the mess of the sand and the cold water. But, Kai loves it, so we go often.

Even though it is July, the Lake Michigan water temperature is frigid. However, Kai’s penguin-like adaptability to the cold water remains remarkable, as he seemed to have no problem splashing right in. But a few seconds in the water was enough for my wife, who remained ensconced in her beach chair the remainder of the time.

Someone had to get in the water with Kai, though. And let’s see, who does that leave?

Somehow my body got used to the cold water. Or perhaps my body had just gotten numb.

We brought along a water gun and had a lot of fun playing with it.

Kai smiled and laughed a lot as he sprayed me with the cold water.

And tracked me down.

And then when I had my turn soaking him.

We picnicked on the beach before heading home.

You would think that after a day at the beach, that would have satiated his desire to get wet. But after we got home we played with water balloons in the backyard.

Kai’s exuberance, accompanied by the enthusiasm in his voice and near-constant laughter is one of his greatest qualities. And nothing brings that out like a day of summer water fun.

And so I’ll take the sand sticking to my body and getting in the car.

Because along with it comes a very happy child.


  1. The most important ingredient of any family had gotten in abundance...a child's laughter. That is what makes it all worth it to me also.

    1. Kai often fills our house with laughter, and it is a great joy.


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