Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jiji Arrives!

Kai’s grandfather from Japan arrived over the weekend. Kai has been looking forward to Jiji’s visit.

“Don’t forget to order TV Japan (on our cable system),” he’s been reminding us for the past week.

After we picked his grandfather up at the airport, Kai chatted with him the whole way back home. Of course it was mostly a one-way conversation, as Kai doesn’t like to answer questions. But Kai prattled on about the dvd player and showed Jiji the funny parts of the movie he was watching.

By coincidence, it was his grandfather’s birthday. Kai decorated a cake for him.

And we had a little celebration after dinner.

Kai has big plans for all the things he wants to do with his grandfather while he is here. I hope Jiji is ready!


  1. Wow...Kai looks so happy! It is so good to see the closeness in your family. I will be looking forward to more stories about Kai's grandfather's visit.

    1. Yes, Kai was very happy to see his grandfather. They were very close when Kai was younger, and it is good to see the bond continue even as Kai gets older and talks so much more (making verbal communications between them more difficult than the non-verbal bond when Kai was not talking so much).

  2. Such cute pictures! Hope everyone has a wonderful time! And happy birthday to Jiji!


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