Monday, July 29, 2013

Yellowstone Vacation – From Fargo to Billings

The vast state of North Dakota is mostly flat and the highway straight with a paucity of traffic. For a Midwesterner who is used to looking mostly at cornfields in our rural areas, there was something mesmerizing in the landscape of hayfields, cows, and nothingness.

And so it was throughout the morning of our second day on the road.

But things got more interesting when we reached the western end of the state. We were running ahead of schedule, so when we saw the sign for the Painted Canyon at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we made the turnoff and checked it out.

We discovered our first real look of the natural beauty of the western states at this national park that I was previously unfamiliar with.

Kai seemed to enjoy the sight, too.

And he enjoyed the displays in the visitor center as well, many which were hands on.

Afterward, we drove around and saw a bit more of the park.

We stopped to look at the prairie dogs.

But Kai preferred play around by looking at his grandfather instead.

Despite the unexpected visit to the national park, we still made it to our motel in time to enjoy the pool and hot tub.

And a scrumptious dinner at an Italian restaurant capped out second fine day.

We’ve had two good days. But the challenge begins next.

We’re going to Yellowstone tomorrow. And that means more time outside the car, walking around, seeing the sights, and less time watching videos in the back seat.

Will it be a battle?

I’ll have to try to remember to keep my objective.

We will have fun.

Next: Yellowstone Vacation – The Challenges Begin


  1. So good. I hope everyone is still feeling well through all of the driving. I will be waiting for the pictures of Yellowstone. It has been many years since I was last there.

    P.S. Don't forget to have your father in law get out of the car and walk around for at least a few minutes at each gas stop to prevent a DVT incident.

    1. Thanks, Shiroi.

      My father-in-law is holding up pretty well. He is not the type to just sit in the car so he is getting plenty of movement and exercise.


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