Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Budding Artist?

My son has always enjoyed drawing things, but he seems to be developing his craft a little more these days.

Here are a couple drawings of classmates at school:

I thought these had a bit of a Picasso flavor to them.

Kai also has taken to drawing at home as well. Here is his latest effort – a series of comics.

I asked Kai to explain them to me.

He said the one at the beginning of the third row are two people playing dodge ball. You can see the “Ohh!” before the character is flattened in the next panel.

The following one is about someone jumping to escape the Beatles. (Not sure why he has to escape the Beatles). You can see the guy yelling “Geronimo” and the elation of ‘flying’ before he splatters on the ground.

I wonder if Charles Schulz started out like this.


  1. Picasso was the very first thing which had popped into my mind when I had seen the first picture! Kai actually draws better than I do. I never could draw.
    It is strange since my father could draw well. He actually had a local newspaper comic strip for a few years while he lived in Alaska (I was about Kai's age).

    1. Interesting to find out that your father had a comic strip. I never would have guessed.

      Kai's biological father enjoyed painting, as does his maternal grandfather, so I suppose it's not a surprise that Kai does too.


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