Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break Vacation, Day 5 – More of The Grand Canyon

We stayed only one night at the Grand Canyon so we wanted to make the most of the morning before heading back to Vegas in the afternoon.

The western portion of the National Park is not accessible by private vehicles so we caught the shuttle bus and picked a couple of spots to get off and see the sights.

Pima Point was quite spectacular, but very windy. With the temperature only in the 40s, it was cold.

Kai got upset with the wind and he and my wife tried to shelter themselves behind this sign until the next bus came.

They were happy when we were able to warm up with hot apple cider and hot chocolate at the next stop, Hermit’s Nest.

After we took the shuttle back to its starting point, we got in our car and drove to the eastern part of the Park, stopping at a few spots along the way.

Here’s the view at Grandview Point:

And the one at Lipan Point:

At the eastern end of the Park is Desert View where they have an old watch tower.

We climbed to the top.

And had a great view out the window.

We had someone take one last photo of the three of us.

And then it was time to drive back to Vegas where we would catch our flight home the next day.

In Vegas, we saw one more hotel lobby, this one at the Bellagio where we went to have dinner. They have a spectacular exhibit featuring flowers and Chihuly glass sculptures.

It’s always a little sad when a vacation is coming to an end. But we feel good that it was all that we hoped it would be.


  1. The Bellagio shots are very colorful! I have never been to the tower at the Grand Canyon. Poor Kai...he must have been very cold. His mother also looked very cold when they were sitting behind the sign. The family shot at the Grand Canyon will be one for the wall I would think. Very nice shots of your vacation.

    1. It was very windy that day... I could barely stand still to take a picture as I was nearly blown over at times... so it was quite cold... I am guessing the wind chill was in the low 30s or colder. The tower was nice, especially as you could be indoors as you climbed. :) Thanks, Shirioi.


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