Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Day, Birthday; Wednesday, New Day

Although we had the party over the weekend, yesterday was actually my son’s birthday. It was also his worst day of school.

With the big birthday party on Saturday, going to Red Kite on Sunday, and a cozy Valentine’s at home on Monday, we have been in a celebration mode for several days. Still, we wanted to note Kai’s actual birthday so we saved a few presents and some birthday cupcakes for a quiet little party last night.

Finding out that he had such a terrible day at school put a bit of a damper on the celebratory mood. Yesterday continues a very bad month with now seven major incidents in eight and a half days of school. The score on his point sheet yesterday was the lowest since he began going to school there just over a year ago.

If this had happened to Tiger Mom’s child, I wonder if she would have thrown out all of the birthday presents. With us, though, we spoke to Kai about how disappointed we were, and then went ahead with our plans.

He opened presents and then spent the rest of the afternoon building models from a new Lego set he received. Then, it was bath, dinner, and phone calls from grandparents. We sang “Happy Birthday” one more time. We wrapped up by playing Wii with his grandmother. Kai had a really nice time.

He didn’t quite forget about school, though. At bedtime, he talked about the bad day he had. We told him that no matter how bad of a day today was, he could make it a better one tomorrow.

As we talked, we noticed the Peanuts perpetual desk calendar that he just got. We had set it up next to his bed. The calendar features Snoopy using a typewriter while perched on top of his doghouse. The inscription on the bottom said it best.

“Happiness is a new day.”

Thanks, Snoopy.


  1. Great post! Sorry Kai is having such a tough month. But Snoopy knows best :)

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Yes, the wisdom of Snoopy rules. :)


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