Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

The Blizzard of 2011, as it will now forever be known, has dumped about 20 inches of snow on us so far, and it is still coming down.  It is officially the fifth highest snow total in Chicago history, though it may make the top three before it is all done. 

When I was a kid, there was nothing better than an unexpected day off from school in the middle of winter.   And, so it is with our son today.  So far, he’s extremely excited about playing with his Electronic Snap Circuits, and making a pizza with Mom later on. 

I’ll be doing a lot of shoveling today.  And later on the temperatures will drop as the forecasts are calling for minus 40 degree wind chills tonight. 

But, it’s a special day.  Let’s have some fun!

Update at 4:00 PM:  We got Kai to go outside this afternoon and he had a blast.  See some of the pictures on our Facebook page. 

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