Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mr. Chatterbox

With schools closed one more day, our son is home again.

With Kai being home all day yesterday, not only because there was no school but also because we were shut in from all of his after-school therapies and activities, we really noticed how much he is talking these days.  He is quite the chatterbox. 

Most of what he says probably would not make much sense to most people.  Heck, half the time we’re not even sure what he is talking about. 

For instance, last night he was going on and on about how one Ugly Doll is at level one of Snap Circuits while another one is at level two.  In his mind, I’m sure this all made perfect sense, but we had difficulty making heads or tails of it.

While he is talking a lot, most of it really cannot be considered “conversation.”  While Kai will go for hours talking about capacitors and resistors, it’s almost impossible to get three words from him when you ask him a simple question. 

And, while he seems to enjoy talking to us, it is almost irrelevant to him whether we listen or not.  He will just keep chattering regardless of whether or not we respond at all.

Sometimes, all this chatter drives my wife crazy.  “Kai, can you eat your dinner quietly?” she said last night.  I was amused as I still recall the days when we would have given anything to hear him say a few words.   

I remember that shortly after Kai started talking, he said a few words here and there but mostly was babbling a bunch of nonsensical sounds.  My wife was skeptical, but I was sure that it was a sign that he would start speaking soon.  That time, I turned out to be right.  Now, with all this chattering, I can’t help but think that it too is a good sign; an indication that we will be able to have more in-depth conversations with him one day.

So, is this all crazy talk?  Or, is it a hopeful indication of “real” conversations to come?  What do you think?

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