Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knock Knock Is No Joke

“I heard the familiar knock on our bedroom door. It was 2 a.m. “

Our son’s sleep issues have arisen again, and are the focus of this week’s column in the Patch. Click here to read the full story.


  1. I actually feel for the both of you. Poor Kai...his sleep is not solid...not of his own doing. Your sleep is not solid...and not of your own doing.

    Have you tried long distance jogging. A nightly Father and Son jog....gradually building up the distance (to many miles eventually). Long distance running greatly moderates the endocrine system. Alex, and I, are currently doing that together. Afterward, we stretch, shower, and relax before dinner. Alex enjoys jogging. We both feel very good. I am also using it as a puberty moderator. He is going through the initial stages of puberty...I hope to offset the sometimes difficult transition of puberty through endurance training (although his other exercise is good...it is the long steady distance training that seems to have the greatest effect on mood modulation).

    Another great effect of long distance training...besides a great chance for more father son bonding...is it greatly enhances deep sleep (once greater distance per run is achieved 5+ miles).

  2. Thanks!

    Long distance jogging is an interesting idea. Last year, for a short time, Kai and I did short runs in the morning when he was waking up early. I liked the bonding, though we never worked up to longer runs, partly because of time constraints, but mostly because Kai didn't want to run any farther than we did. The evening runs sound good, though Kai's therapy and activity schedule would preclude that on many days.

    If we can't do those now, I will still want to keep this idea in mind for down the road.

    That is wonderful that Alex enjoys it and you have that time together.

  3. Loved your article and feel your pain
    My life changed after we started Melatonin - I cant beeive I waited this long -
    Finally I read some things about how sleep deprivation actually changes the brain's structure - this finally convinced me to try melatonin
    R literally started to talk after we had been on Melatonin for a while
    I think a well rested brain just behaves differently !
    Then I also read about how auties dont produce enough melatonin and therefore the help is good
    Anyway I know its tiresome to get advice and dont mean to drone on and on

  4. Thanks, K. That is so wonderful that you had such success after starting melatonin. We tried it before without much success, but perhaps it is worth another try. I've heard of others who have had good experience with it as well.

    Yes, a well-rested brain is so important. I am amazed that my son can function at all without good sleep, but I'm sure he would do much better with sleep.

    I always appreciate advice, and it is particularly valued from those who have experience with kids on the spectrum.


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