Monday, October 24, 2011

Noticing Growth Through the Giant Slide

My son capped off his best week of school since last Spring with Student of the Week honors. He’s now put together three good weeks in a row.

We are hoping that this is an indication that the medication he is on is helping him in a positive way now. But, after all the ups and downs we have been through, we are not assuming anything.

Still, it put us in a good frame of mind for a nice weekend.

This week, in addition to all of the usual activities, we made our annual visit to the local pumpkin farm.

Kai wasn’t into seeing the animals, and he has outgrown many of the kiddie rides, but he still loves going down the giant slide.

When we first went there three years ago, Kai was a bit scared, but wanted to try the giant slide. He sat in my lap, clung to my arm, and had a blast. And then we did it over and over again.

Now, he is too big to sit in my lap and he doesn’t want to cling to Dad so much anyway. So, this year, we raced down side by side. Kai won.

Of course, I had to take the picture by the “How Tall This Fall?” sign.

Oh my, our boy is growing up.


  1. Ah...progress. It seems things are looking up. It seems you have a lot more hope than hard work ahead. While I am sure you will have trying times...I just think that the severity and quantity shall be less. Of course....there is always puberty to contend with :O

  2. Oh no! I don't even want to think about puberty yet! It will be here all too soon, I'm sure. :)


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