Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Party!

We had our son’s birthday party yesterday at Pump It Up, one of those places with inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses.

Kai has been there, and places like it, many times before. It is a popular choice for birthday parties among his peers. We had thought about doing something a bit different, like we did last year, but, in the end, decided to stick with something that we knew for sure he would enjoy.
I know all kids have fun there, but it seems like the kind of place that is tailor-made for kids with autism. Kai can run and jump to his heart’s delight and not have to follow along with anyone else.

Kai has been excited about the party for days – and yesterday he woke up early. He couldn’t wait to go.

Once we were there, he had fun, though it felt to me like he was just a little less energetic than he has been at these places before. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the stress of him being the birthday boy, or the effect of the new medication that he just started, or perhaps something else, but he did not seem as jubilant as he usually does.

It looked like the rest of the kids had fun, though.

Most of the kids were from Kai’s school. Others were kids of our friends. Almost all had some type of special need. But while they were jumping and bouncing and sliding, they were just kids having fun.

And when all that was done, it was time for pizza and cake.

Kai enjoyed sitting in the special throne for the birthday boy. And had fun blowing out the candles.

But he didn’t really have a big smile until we came home and it was time to open presents. And then he was happy.

And after he played with some of his presents, he took a nap, which is very unusual for him. The day may have just been a little much for him.

But it was a good day all in all.


  1. He does look happy in that last photo! Good for him.

  2. Yes, the whole party thing is a difficult one to call, isn't it?! I've already booked Sasha's for this year... but have gone for a whole-class (30 children) with entertainer type thing and I'm already having second thoughts. Some parties like this Sasha has enjoyed, and some not. I think the problem is more about trying to second guess what she will actually want on the day - as you have to book it so far in advance, there's no last minute changes possible. So it could all be a total disaster! But a part of me thinks it's important that the other children are happy too, and most of them will be I guess... Glad yours was a semi-success anyway!

    1. Steph, sometimes we wonder if all this stress is worth it. Our son probably would have been happy with small, family-only parties at home. But now, after two years of bigger parties, he expects these.

      I really hope that Sasha enjoys the party you are having for her. Wow, 30 kids is a lot! I'm sure most of them will have fun. Try not to stress out too much. You can only do what you can do.

  3. Sounds like it was an awesome party!

    Happy Birthday Kai!!



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