Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Starting Over

“In raising a child with autism, I’ve learned that there are many ways in which you need to be patient. There is shorter-term patience, like when you are trying to teach your child to tie his own shoelaces, for instance. Then there is the longer-term variety, such as when you are trying to find a medication that will help your son…”

Today’s column updates Patch readers on our latest experiences with medication. Click here to read the entire column.


  1. You are so fortunate to have such a good doctor. What a gem to have. Even should this particular medication not work so well as you will have hoped...it is Kai's doctor approach to problem resolution which holds the greatest hope. She sounds to be thoroughly professional and competent...even more...she really cares. I've run in to so many doctors throughout my life that really had no business being a doctor. They woefully lacked in all three areas that Kai's doctor excels in.

    Kai sounds to be observant. I laughed at myself when I had read that he had approached a stranger and had interacted with her. I could never have done that when I was his age...I was far too shy. Kai is outgoing and inquisitive. He will continue to grow because of these traits.

    1. Yes, we have been told by many that no other psychiatrist would observe a child at school. We really are fortunate to have found such a caring doctor.

      I would never have approached a stranger like that either... even now! :) Kai is quite the outgoing child.


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