Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Celebrations

It has been a busy few days with my son’s birthday party over the weekend followed by Valentine’s Day and now his actual birthday.

My son likes to celebrate all holidays. Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly up there with Christmas and Hanukkah, but he still likes to get Valentines and candy. He was up early yesterday in anticipation of the day.

We normally try not to load him up with too much candy. But we know he will receive some on Valentine’s Day. And he enjoyed receiving the treats, but I was happy that he enjoyed looking at the candy without consuming too much of it.

This morning, he was again excited. If you read yesterday’s post, you know that my wife went into labor on Valentine’s Day. But Kai wasn’t born until after midnight so today is his actual birthday.

After his party the other day, he opened all the presents he received from his friends. But he still has the ones from relatives that he will open today. And this morning we let him open one. Which he was thrilled to receive.

After which he talked on the phone with his grandparents.

And so, he’s off to a happy start. Here’s hoping it carries over into school as well.


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