Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enduring Shoe Tying Torture

I am not a patient person. And I am very stubborn. That is not a good combination when you are trying to teach a child with autism how to tie their shoes.

Today’s column in the Patch looks at the frustrations that led to feelings of being An Awful Parent.

Read the column here.


  1. Velco might be good until he's a little older. Best of luck to you there. :)

  2. Betsy, you might be right that he would do better later on, but I'm stubborn so I will keep trying for a while longer. :)

  3. I do understand. Tying shoes is still a skill not mastered with Alex. Of course, his wearing velcro shoes all his life kept him from needing to learn. Many children in Hawaii can't tie shoes because many never wear tie shoes. He still has a problem with basic tying. I am having him practice at the grocery store on the plastic bagged groceries. I am starting him out with simple double overhand knots. He still has trouble with fine motor control...but with practice...it will come.

    1. Shiroi, knowing how advanced your son is in so many areas, it somehow makes me feel a little better about Kai's difficulties with the laces knowing that Alex has not yet mastered it either. I'm sure your son will learn with practice.


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