Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Weekend

Our local nature center had a Family Day on Saturday. Along with their usual displays, they had a bunch of special activities for kids.

Kai got to try archery for the first time. With a line of kids waiting to try it, each child could only shoot three arrows. We’ll need to try it again sometime to really get the hang of it.

Kai enjoyed roasting a marshmallow. Well, he enjoyed the eating more than the roasting.

In addition to visiting the nature center, we enjoyed our incredibly warm winter weather by going to the park both Saturday and Sunday.

The park had some new playground equipment that Kai enjoyed. But he still likes to look at the numbers that caught his attention from when he was two years old.

We capped off the weekend by watching the Super Bowl. We made it a special event, with chips and salsa, and eating in the family room. And so it becomes one of the few sporting events that I can watch from start to finish. Kai is not really into sports, but he likes to keep track of the score. So, while he wasn’t watching every moment, he wanted to stay up to see it through to the end.

Happy kid, good times: a super weekend.

ADDENDUM: I just received a phone call from the nature center... we won a raffle they had... $120 gift basket from Whole Foods! I didn't even know there was a raffle but apparently my wife entered it when I wasn't looking. :)


  1. Fab. Wow, he waited in line for the archery?! Lovely to be able to try something new, eh? And I LOVE those playground numbers!! Why can't they make something like that over here I wonder?! Glad you're on an 'up'! :)

    1. Steph, it wasn't a terribly long line, though I thought it might be just a bit too long. But, he was able to tolerate the wait.

      Those playground numbers are great for kids were are starting to learn math... they're actually way too easy for Kai but he still loves them.

  2. A gift basket to top off a great day. That is a super way to enjoy your weekend! Archery...I used to love archery as a child. I had forgotten how much fun it was for me to walk for miles in the open fields with my bow and arrows and just shooting for height and distance and pretending I was a great hunter! We have a lot of open space in the mountains here...I think I am going to get Alex an archery set. It is great for hand and eye coordination, as well as for body control. I received another good idea from your blog!

    1. I grew up in the city, but my dad actually still had a little archery range in the backyard. I'm sure you have many more open areas out there to practice archery. I'll bet Alex will take to it.


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