Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Father Cautions Unsupervised Internet Usage

“I know most of you parents are aware of the risks of letting your child surf the Internet unsupervised. We certainly were.

“Yet, we allowed it. Let our experience be a warning for you all.”

So begins this week’s column in the Patch. And there is a particular reason why I chose to run it this week. Click here to read the whole thing.


  1. haha,..what a cute story! Our boys love youtube, too. But they search for old 1940's documentaries on the steam engine. :) And yes, it is a welcome break while they are entertained!

  2. Ha, it is funny to see what our kids take interest in. And what would we have done without YouTube? :)

  3. Ha...Very good. You had me. I had kept expecting the worst. Pi? What??? :)

    1. I only wish that we will never have to deal with anything worse. :)


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