Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Identifying Crayons

I was down and out with the stomach flu yesterday; it was one of the worst I can recall, though it probably always seems “worst” whenever it is happening.

I did get out of bed to see Kai when he came home from school. He had not snorted in nine of his ten periods so he earned a bunch more crayons. At this rate, he will finish collecting the entire box of 120 by Friday.

When I give Kai the crayons he has earned, I have him guess to see if can tell what color it is. I cover most of the crayon, leaving only the tip and the bottom part of the label exposed. Remarkably, he is correctly guessing about 75% of the colors.

Yesterday, he identified such varied choices as Sea Green, Cadet Blue, Timberwolf, and Plum.

His memory is amazing, really.

At least when it comes to things like crayon colors.

I just wish that he would remember to wash his hands when he goes to the bathroom.


  1. It really is amazing how our kids memory works. Kai reminds me so much of Norrin in that way.

    Too bad it doesn't work on stuff like washing hands.

    1. Lisa, I just wish I could get inside his head so I would better understand how his mind works.


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