Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

We live in the suburbs of the city that colors its river green for St. Patrick’s Day, so of course we had to celebrate it a little bit.

On Friday afternoon, Kai helped Mom make green muffins.

They tasted yummy!

On Saturday, the temperatures were predicted to be in the 80s, which is crazy warm for this time of year. Kai declared that he wanted to go to the beach.

It sounded like a good idea, but when we got there, we discovered that the temperature along Lake Michigan was much lower than by our house, and the strong winds made it seem even colder.

We shivered through a picnic lunch, and came home before our skin turned green.

We later went to a park where Kai did one of his favorite things – rolling down the hill.

And for our movie night dinner, we had corn beef and cabbage instead of the usual pizza, and homemade green vegetable juice.

Hope you all had a nice weekend as well.


  1. I had never heard of a community coloring its river! It seems Kai had managed to salvage some fun at the park. I hadn't realized it was St. Patrick's day until I read your blog today. It looks as if all of you had made a complete day of it. Movie night sounds like a lot of fun...and a good way to wrap up a day together.

    1. Chicago has a large Irish-American population - there are said to be more people of Irish ancestry here than in Dublin. So, St. Patrick's Day is always a big deal here. We will have to go to see it when we think Kai can handle it. Here is a link to one new story about this year's celebration:

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  3. I went to the site....Man...that river really did turn GREEN! I was expecting some sort of light tint to the water with the lighting just right. It looked greener than a Japanese soaking bath with Basukurin (unsure of the spelling...the popular bath powder that turns it green)... :)

    1. Haha! Yes, Chicago doesn't skimp when it comes to St. Patrick's Day dye for the river.

      I was not familiar with Basukurim until recently when my wife got an orange colored one. I haven't seen the green one yet. Maybe for next St. Patrick's Day. :)


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