Thursday, March 15, 2012

“Super Day”

The emails we get from Kai’s school are usually for the purpose of letting us know about something bad that happened. It is from these emails that we often get the details of why his shirt was torn up, or what precipitated an unsafe incident.

So it was nice to get an email yesterday that gave us good news.

His therapist at school wrote just to tell us that Kai “had a super day.” And when my wife went to pick him up at school, another staff member told her that Kai was very happy all day because it was Pi Day.

His point sheet from school reflected the good day. He had earned a 98 for the day, a score not often seen in recent months.

And so, our day that started off so well in the morning turned out to be a “super day” indeed.

I can’t say for sure that his strong performance was because it was Pi Day. I am hoping that this is the start of a new trend. But I wish that every day were Pi Day.

In the meantime, I remain cautious.

Be hopeful but vigilant. And beware of the Ides of March.


  1. Its so charming that he loves Pi
    Hope for many more super days to come

  2. He has a passion for numbers. A passion for an important subject...Math. Keep him enthusiastic about could be a great key to his future.

    1. Yes, Kai has a great desire to learn new topics in math so I have been trying to teach him new things whenever I can. Before, we wanted to spend more time working on his deficiencies, but you have helped us to realize that it is just as important to build on his strengths.


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