Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Achieving the Impossible, Again

A week ago last Friday, Kai achieved what he thought was “impossible,” scoring 100% on his daily point sheet at school. Regular reader Linda commented then, “Now that Kai has achieved the impossible, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did it again."

Well, this past Friday, that’s exactly what he did. He had another 100% day.

And that was not his only good day at school last week. He did pretty well all week.

And for that, he received a Student of the Week recognition.

But that’s not all. Today is the last day of the month. If Kai can stay safe at school today, he will have achieved a safe month, another rare feat for him.

Kai was very upbeat last night. He seems very confident that he will do it.

Spring is here. We are having a series of sunny days.

But what is brightening our household these days has nothing to do with the sun in the sky.

Our son right here on earth is shining brightly.


  1. I am confident that Kai will continue to improve. Many ASD children merely have a delay in the maturation of their impulse control. They continue to improve throughout life. He is well on his way. Of course, there will be setbacks...but his overall trend will always be up.

    I think he simply feels things on a deeper level...and so, feels disappointment more profoundly. It means that he is very sincere. He has optimism, and so, he has high expectations. He is merely out of synch with the world at times because he lacks the experience to put everything into perspective. As he grows...he will gain more experience and perspective...and he will still have the wonderful traits of optimism and sincerity.

    1. I have to say that I do not fully understand how Kai's mind works, but I hope that gaining experience will help put everything into perspective for him. I do think that is an interesting observation that he feels things on a deeper level, and that he is very sincere. It is one of his nicest qualities.

  2. Yeah, Kai! He must be so proud! :)

    1. He achieved the Safe Month and was very proud. Thanks, Kelly.


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