Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Weekend With Guests

My sister and brother-in-law visited for a couple days this weekend. Kai really looks forward to seeing everyone.

One of his favorite things is engaging in silly horseplay with Uncle Frankie.

Kai’s outgoing personality really emerges with Uncle Frankie. Usually his uncle initiates the fun. These days, with Kai’s communication skills so improved, he kept trying to engage Uncle Frankie in more fun. I think Frank was exhausted after awhile, but Kai kept persisting.

When we weren’t having fun at home, we were out with Kai doing our usual weekend activities. Kai was active at his soccer game.

Kai’s grandmother made it to her first soccer game so it was a good afternoon. All of us, including my wife and our latest dog, Momo, enjoyed the action.

Though Kai’s friend Nick did not come to the game this week so we didn’t have a chance to get help Kai reaffirm their friendship.

Later, we all went back to our house for movie night. The grownups didn’t really understand the movie, but Kai didn’t care. He just liked that everyone was there.

And that he got presents – a new Lego from his grandmother and another from his aunt and uncle.

By the next morning, all our guests had gone. Well, except for Emi, my sister’s dog that is staying with us while they do more traveling.

And so the three of us, and the two dogs, enjoyed our first really nice spring Sunday with a walk along a park trail.

When we got to the end of the trail at Lake Michigan, Emi barked and barked at the waves as if they were living creatures.

Emi kept trying to tug me and Kai into the water.

I think Kai enjoyed the excuse to get his shoes wet.

By evening, the dogs were finally tired.

My wife and I felt the same way.

But it’s funny how Kai never seems to get tired, at least not when it comes to doing things he enjoys.

And that he did all weekend.


  1. Good for everyone. More good times with family. Kai's life is going to be rich with memories of his family. It is such an important thing to do...having good times with family. I can see Kai's happiness and energy in the photos. Just seeing children enjoying themselves makes me smile...and remember my good times when I was young.

    1. It is really nice that he looks forward to, and enjoys spending time with everyone in the family.

  2. Gorgeous pictures
    wow its so beautiful
    Love the relentless energy - awesome

    1. I love the energy and strive to keep up with him as best I can! :)


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