Monday, April 15, 2013

The Haircut Revisited, and Eating Out

It has been three weeks since The Haircut, so Kai’s hair had grown out enough to give it another cut.

For those who did not read what happened last time, my wife accidentally cropped one swatch of Kai’s hair down to the scalp when she was still drowsy after waking up from a nap.

This time, Kai asked her, “Mom, did you get enough sleep?”

She assured him that she was wide-awake this time. But, he still did not want Mom coming close to his head with the clippers. And he wanted me to go first. I asked him to keep a close eye on Mom while she cut my hair.

She did a great job on my hair, and then it was Kai’s turn.

He was a bit nervous, but less than he is when it starts to rain.

And though he was not particularly happy, he cooperated nicely.

Though he had gotten some nice comments about the stylish haircut I gave him last time, I decided to go back to his standard look this time. I think he was happy about that.

Afterward, we all went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

We were to have gone a week ago, but the restaurant where we had reservations had a power outage and was shut down. On that day, we went to a hot dog joint instead.

So this weekend we tried again.

We went to a yakiniku restaurant, which is a Japanese-style of barbecue where diners can cook meat, seafood, and vegetables at their table.

These days when we go to a restaurant, Kai likes to look at the menu.

“This place is expensive!”

The prices were two or three times that of the places we usually go to with him. I told him it was a special occasion. I think he was thinking of how big a Lego set we could have gotten with the amount we were spending at this place.

Up until recently, the only non-fast food restaurants we liked going to with Kai were Mexican restaurants because they brought chips and salsa out right away, meaning that Kai did not have to wait for food to be served.

We recently figured out that we can go to Japanese restaurants and get a bowl of edamame pretty quickly, and that works just as well.

Kai ate a lot of edamame and finished his miso soup quickly.

And then they brought out a large plate of the items to be grilled.

We started grilling the vegetables first. Kai loves grilled mushroom, onion, and pepper, and gobbled those up quickly.

And he loves shrimp, so we grilled that before the meats.

By the time we started on the meats, he had already eaten a lot. I was wondering if he would eat more.

The meats included sirloin, filet mignon, kalbi (boneless short rib), harami (skirt steak) and thinly sliced beef tongue.

I was surprised when Kai tried all of them, including the tongue. He liked them all, and asked for more of each including the tongue.

My wife and I did not think the flavor of the food was particularly special.

But we were very happy that Kai really enjoyed it, both the food and the atmosphere. It wasn’t long ago that we never would have thought to come to an expensive restaurant with him.

That we were able to, and have a great time, made this a very special evening.


  1. Kai looks great no matter what, great job with the clippers! You guys could be making some money cutting the hair of the neighborhood kids! :o)
    Wow, Kai is such a good eater, I am impressed of all the veggies he eats!
    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Geovana, I think Kai makes the haircut look good, not the other way around. :)

      Kai does like a lot of vegetables. Sometimes we have to force him to eat some meat as he would otherwise eat nothing but veggies.

      Thanks, Geovana!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, a very happy time. Thanks, Betsy.

  3. "Mom, did you get enough sleep?" ... That must have brought many smiles. :)

    Yakiniku! I am going to have to find one of those around here. You have made me hungry!

    I love eating. I know Kai must have really been very happy eating there...I can see it in his face. He has a good healthy appetite. That is good to see in children. A person who loves to eat...often also has a voracious appetite for life. They are energetic...always primed and ready for action. Kai has a high drive center. Properly applied...his drive will serve him well in life (most people lack energy and drive...Kai is blessed with these attributes).

    Nice haircuts!

    1. Shiroi, there are not too many places where you can do your own yakiniku around here. I'll be surprised if you have one in your area.

      I like it when Kai is energetic. Sometimes he drives my wife crazy when he is hyper, but I prefer that to when he says he is tired and doesn't want to do anything (which I think may partially be med based when it happens).


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