Thursday, April 11, 2013

So My Son Showed Me That He Doesn’t Just Think About Himself

I’ve complained a lot about my son thinking only of himself. So it’s only fair that I write when he shows that he is thinking of others.

Over the weekend, we had to stop off at someone’s house to feed their two dogs and one cat. Kai knows that I am allergic to cats.

“Dad, stay outside.”

I told him that I would be okay since we would be in the house for only a few minutes.

As soon as we stepped inside, the cat approached.

Kai stepped in front of me and spread his arms.

Ha, I think he would make a good Secret Service agent, at least when it comes to protecting the President from dangerously cute house cats.

The next evening, at dinnertime, he informed me that the NCAA championship basketball game would start at 8:30, which is his bedtime. I thought he was lobbying to stay up late to watch the game.

I started to tell him that he would still have to go to bed then.

He interrupted to say that he would go to bed five minutes early, at 8:25, and I could just say a quick goodnight to him then. I would not have to stay and read a book with him as per our custom.

“I don’t want you to miss the game, Dad.”

Of course, at his bedtime, I stayed with him and we read together.

I took third place in an NCAA pool I was in.

But I was a winner in something a lot more important.

My son’s thoughtfulness was like winning the championship in dad-ness.


  1. How wonderful!

    Even if it doesn't happen as often as you would like, those examples really show that Kai is learning and progressing, and more importantly, actually experiencing and demonstrating true compassion and caring for the important people in his life. Here's to racking up more and more of these small moments!

    1. Thanks, Erica. You are so right that Kai is progressing in terms of caring for the people in his life. It is very nice to see!

  2. What a great sign. What says love more than protective action. His thoughts were with you.
    You have each other in mind...and heart.

    1. Ha, his protective action was very sweet. Yes, a great sign!

  3. OMG how adorable
    This made me LOL
    "Ha, I think he would make a good Secret Service agent, at least when it comes to protecting the President from dangerously cute house cats."

  4. There is nothing better than seeing your kids developing attributes like thoughtfulness and kindess! This is just great and so sweet!

    allergic??? and here I was, about to invite you to dinner. haha. Oh well. :)

    1. Thanks, Betsy.

      I think my eyes would get itchy and watery within 50 miles of your zoo. Though with the goodies you make, it would probably be worth it. :)


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