Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Friends

Our son’s best friend and his family came over for a play date this weekend.

A few months ago, we didn’t even know that Kai had a friend, let alone someone who would be considered a best friend. But we had heard from his teachers how much Kai liked this one boy in his class. And then we saw them together on a few occasions since then and it was obvious that they had a special bond.

On this occasion, they were clearly happy to see each other. They didn’t interact with each other all the time, but they did so often. And that was a lot more than Kai interacted with other kids on play dates we had set up for him when he was younger.

My favorite moment was when we started walking back to our house after they had played at a nearby playground. The two boys held hands. And they maintained the embrace all the way home.

My son has a good friend. It’s enough to bring a tear to my eye.


  1. How amazing! So happy for the boys :)
    I always say, I don't care if my son isn't the most popular kid - as long as he has one friend, one person he can connect with and that understands him.

  2. I agree with the above. My son also has a friend (who he sees once a week on a play date). The boy used to be in Alex's class when Alex was going to school. He was always kind to Alex.

    Kai has a good friend also. He seems to have a compassionate nature and a very advanced and mature attitude (from what I see in the photo).

  3. Thanks Lisa and Shiroi Tora-san. One good friend is worth more than many acquaintances. It is wonderful to know that our son found another child he connects with.


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