Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easy As Riding A Bicycle?

This week’s column in the Patch takes a look at our long history of trying to teach Kai to ride a bicycle. Read all about it here.


  1. Questions for Kai - answers below

    Do you know what letter of the alphabet does not appear on the periodic table?

    Do you know the two new elements that were descovered about 2 months ago?

    The letter J and the elements have not been named yet, are just called 114 and 116 for now.

    Love your blog, Ruth (a friend of Julie's)

  2. Good article...poor Dad. I felt for you out there on the hot pavement. Kai will soon get a better feel for balance I am sure. Alex didn't start getting more balance until he was 8 years old. Although he is not so balanced as other kids his age...he is steadily improving. Since he has had to work at it...I think in the long run...he will appreciate it more...I think he will search out ways to keep improving his hard earned gains.

    Kai will start to really enjoy bike riding soon. Look forward to family rides down nice paths in a few years.

  3. Ruth, thanks for the questions! I will be sure to pass them along to Kai. I love that the letter J has not been used in the periodic table yet. What a great trivia question!

    Shiroi Tora-san, thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes I wonder if Kai will ever develop more balance (more on that in my blog tomorrow). So, it is good to know that your son developed it.

  4. Yuki, he will get it! Trust me when I tell you this. I, too, have a 7-year-old with autism and he rides a bike like nobody's business, but he did it in his own time, on his own terms. He had to be totally acclimated in order to do it. Now, he BMX bikes at the skate park.

    Just stick with him. He will get it. You'll see. Then, you'll be running behind him yelling for him to "Slow down!"

  5. Thanks, Sockitmama! It is good to hear of other's successes and experiences. Hah, I will think of you when I am yelling, "slow down!" Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.


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