Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Las Palmas Offers More Than A Good Meal

This week’s column in the Patch is about our experiences eating in restaurants with Kai. Click here for the full story.


  1. It is always so good to see improvement in our children. My son still gets a little impatient sometimes...however...he is usually so occupied with his handheld game unit as to be able to wait for some time.

    It seems you now have a place that all can enjoy. I know the relief that such a place can be.

  2. We have not tried handheld games because we didn't think Kai would be interested in them. But, perhaps that is worth exploring.

  3. They have plenty of games that Kai, I think, would love. Many of Alex's games are educational. There are many math, as well as, other educational programs. We will be getting him an iPad next time. There are so many educational apps available...besides being able to use it as an E-reader. We could download hundreds of books.

  4. My wife has been wanting to get an iPad to share with Kai for quite some time. Perhaps it is about time.


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