Friday, July 22, 2011

The Magic Show

My son’s school had a magic show this morning.

Kai was the greeter, welcoming all the parents at his classroom door. And while he did that job well, I think he also wanted to be the emcee. When the show began, he kept announcing the next act from his seat next to us. My wife tried to get him to be quiet, but it was a futile effort.

And then it was his turn to perform.

“Kai the Incredible” performed a trick called The Very Hungry Bag. He hesitantly read some parts of his script as he put a coin into a paper bag. But, when it came time to wave his magic wand, he dramatically adlibbed a countdown before revealing that the coin had disappeared. Then, with some flair, he flipped his magician’s top hat away.

My favorite part came after he finished his trick. He stayed standing up at the front of the room and loudly and confidently began to announce the next performer. The boy who was actually the emcee came up, tapped Kai on the shoulder, and told him to go sit down. I think Kai would have been happy to do the whole show all by himself.

The boy who once did not speak could not be shut up. It wasn’t magic that got him to speak. There was a lot more work these past five years than just saying abracadabra. But, now, with his exuberant personality unleashed, I think it would have taken a real magician to get him to be quiet.


  1. Good for Kai. My son is also less shy than I. It is good to not feel unnecessarily inhibited in front of others. He will be outgoing in life.

  2. Yes, he is very outgoing, much more than I am. Yes, it is a good trait.


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