Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Many Google Doodles Have There Been?

My son came home from his after-school activities yesterday and went straight onto the computer to surf the Internet. When I didn’t hear anything from him for several minutes, I thought I better check to see what he was up to. After all, I remembered what unsupervised Internet usage could lead to.

This time, Kai had found a site that showed all of the Google Doodles, the Google logos that commemorate holidays and events around the world.

Some of the logos have been shown worldwide, while others are particular to a specific country. I see them from time to time, but had no idea there were so many of them. How many were there, you ask?

Well, I can now tell you since Kai wasn’t just looking at the logos, he was counting them.

As of yesterday, Google had created 1,094 Doodles.

And now you know.


  1. Exactly the sort of thing my son would do. Kai is exercising his intellect through his passion for numbers. My wife, and I, loved all the examples of my son's passion for numbers since he was young. We encouraged this, as we knew that a passion toward such an important concept would become his strength.

    To see the fire of passion in our children's eyes is to see their engagement in life. It means they are actively seeking their path in life. It is lethargy, and the resulting disengagement in life, that is so ruinous to children.

    I know how proud you must be of Kai. He dives whole heartedly into his passions. He doesn't hold back...what he does is not halfway...he feels deeply and sincerely. He is not phony,,,he is pure of heart. He will be known as a person that people can trust because of this. He lives life at a higher intensity than others...more fully.

    Kai reminds me so much of our son when he was at his age.

  2. You make great points about passion being indicative of kids' engagement in life. Sometimes I wonder if Kai's interests are trivial, but you are so right that he dives wholeheartedly into his passions and lives life at a higher intensity. Thank you for this reminder!


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