Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Hobby

Kai’s grandfather has a passion for collecting. He loves going to antique fairs to look for things that piqué his interest. His collection includes a variety of eclectic items ranging from old boxes of laundry detergent to postcards from bygone days. Perhaps more than anything, he has a lot of old tin containers of everything from typewriter ribbons to peanut butter. (Peanut butter used to come in tin containers? Who knew?)

On our visit this past weekend, Papa told Kai that he could choose three tins from his Fossil collection. These are tin containers that once held watches, sunglasses, or other Fossil products. Unlike most of Papa’s collection, these aren’t true antiques; rather, they are modern pieces that resemble old ones and are made for nostalgia than anything.

But for Kai, it was his introduction into his grandfather’s beloved hobby. He was getting his first tins.

I wondered how Kai would react. In past visits, he had seen tins that Papa put on display, but never seemed overly interested in them.

But the chance to pick out his own excited him. And he wanted more than three. I was embarrassed. I don’t want my son to be greedy. I want him to be appreciative for anything he receives and to not ask for more. I tried explaining that it was special for him to receive any tins from Papa and that he should be thankful for what he had.

But he kept persisting and Papa agreed to let him have five tins. Make that six. No, ten.

And so Kai enjoyed picking out his ten tins. And the rest of our visit, he took notice of the tins Papa had displayed around the house, something he hadn’t done much of before.

When we got home, Kai wanted my help in setting up a display of the tins in his room.

It looks like Papa has started Kai down the path of tin collecting. Knowing Kai’s obsessive personality, there is no telling where this will lead. Maybe he will memorize the dates that each tin came out. Perhaps he will create a catalog that shows the value of each one. I’m pretty sure he will want more.

I smile at the thought that one day they will go to an antique fair together, each picking out their favorite tins.

Tins: the bond between a grandfather and his grandson. Who would have thunk it?


  1. Perfect. A way to create great memories for Kai. By sowing the seeds of a shared passion...he will reap a double harvest. With each collectible, he will be feeding a drive that can be supplanted with other is the chasing of a passion that is good...and the deferment of gratification..that he is learning.

    He will also be sharing his passions with another...deepening the spirit of bonding with another...the anticipation, and the forethought necessary, to seeing, in his mind, the excitement of the other when he learns of a great find.

    He will learn to research more about his passion...plan trips to gather more for his collection....manage his resources (money to buy more)...a perfect way to have him develop many skills.

  2. How beautiful! I love that this will become their special connection. And I also love that it went from 3 to 10. Always negotiating our kids :)

  3. Yes, I love that this may deepen their bond.

    Lisa, yes, our kids are always negotiating. I don't particularly like it but perhaps it will be a useful skill one day, maybe when bargaining at an antique fair!


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