Friday, January 6, 2012

Favorite App: BrainPOP

My son has really been enjoying the iPad that he received for Christmas. His new favorite app is BrainPOP.

BrainPOP is an educational app that features a new animated movie every day. It covers a wide range of subjects including science, math, social studies, English, arts & music, health, and engineering & tech.
Now, movies about science and math may not sound like something most seven-year old would enjoy, but BrainPOP makes each topic really fun.

Each movie features the characters Tim and Moby. Tim is human, and explains the topic. Moby is an orange robot who makes beeping noises and provides a lot of humor as he drives Tim crazy.

The movies are only a few minutes long, so they don’t go into a lot of depth. But they do a great job of giving an introduction to someone who is not familiar. Some of the topics are a bit too advanced for my son right now, but he seems to be interested in most of them.

We also like that the movies are subtitled.
After watching each movie, users can take a quiz. It’s a nice way to see how much your child learned.

Kai looks forward to checking out the new movie every day, and he almost always goes on to watch others on related topics. Of course, he is particularly interested in the science and math ones.

The featured movie of the day is free, but for $6.99 a month, you can access the entire library of past movies. If you are not sure your child is ready for this, I’d let them view the free movies for a few days and then decide if it will be worth subscribing to.

For those of you without an iPad, you can also check out the material online at


  1. The iPad is great, isn't it! Alex still loves using his everyday.

  2. Our challenge will be to keep finding good apps that are appropriate for Kai.

  3. Thank you for this review
    I really must look this up
    Sounds great


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