Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He WAS in a Good Mood...

Ever since we last changed medications, Kai had been more agitated in the mornings. But this morning he was in good spirits. And even when his taxi was running late, he remained in a good mood.

He played in the front yard as we waited. He had fun climbing on the mound of snow next to our driveway. He enjoyed picking up pieces of ice.

He held up one piece and said, “It’s a right triangle.” And it was.

I was surprised at how amiable he was, as he usually gets very anxious when the cab is late.

Unfortunately, the cab was really late – eventually coming about a half hour later than usual. And by the time it finally arrived, Kai’s good mood had dissipated.

He was mad, and said that the cab driver was a bad driver and that he hated her. He had not liked this driver ever since she took over the route a few weeks ago, as she never talks with him. But her being this late was unforgivable in his mind. I had to almost literally drag him out to the cab.

I asked the driver why she was so late. She had been late a few times before, too. I tried to explain that my son has a hard time with waiting and that a phone call would be appreciated under these circumstances.

When she responded by giving me attitude, I began to think that Kai was right about her (though not right in the way he expressed it).

Hopefully we can arrange with the school to get our old driver back, the one who is friendly and knows how to talk to kids like Kai.

In the meantime, our son got off to a bad start to the school day, on a rare day when he had been in good spirits.

And that puts me in a bad mood, too.


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  4. I am sorry for all of the deletes...not all of what I had written had been published (my fault - I hadn't copied and pasted fully)...and I had some belated add ons.

    That is one of the things that I hate about being around people. So many feel they have a right to be rude. So many don't even realize that civilization stopped violence as an accepted means of settling disputes because of an implied pact with the aggrieved... civilized behavior from its of the great benefits of civilization. Now that violence has been taken away as a tool of righting uncivilized conduct (including rudeness)...many feel they are untouchable..and so with nothing to keep them in check...they feel that it is their right to free speech or other such say what they wish...whenever they wish...however they wish.

    Unnecessary rudeness is one of my pet peeves. Although, after my ranting on...I probably need not have pointed that out :)

    1. We were disappointed that the same driver showed up again this morning. Per usual, she did not say "good morning" or anything else for that matter. But when she finally spoke yesterday, she was not nice, so I guess I prefer the silence.

  5. I just wanted to add that I had to copy and paste from my original to make a correction for the subsequent corrected comment...that is where it all began :)

    Yes...I hadn't proof read it before other oversight. Sorry.


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