Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend: Down and Up

My son has had a lot of incidents at school lately, and he’s been quick to anger at home, too.

On Saturday morning, Kai woke up angry. He seemed to be mad about everything. And he did not want to eat his breakfast.

A lot of times that will frustrate me, but this time I kept my emotions in check and rode out the storm.

When Kai finally decided he wanted to eat, he complained that his eggs were cold. I quietly told him that’s what happens when he doesn’t eat right away, but offered to heat up the eggs for him if he would calm down and eat nicely. After that, he settled down and was in much better spirits, and even finished his breakfast.

At karate class, though, he did not do well. He did not listen to Sensei and mouthed off to him. I have the distinct impression that Sensei has had enough of Kai’s bad attitude. Afterward, one of the younger kids in the class kept repeating what Sensei had said to Kai, “You did a bad job today, Kai.” Perhaps it is time to stop karate. Though I’d like to see if Kai will return to doing a better job if we can ever get his meds right.

After that poor start to the weekend, I was thinking it would be a long one. But things got better.

Kai accepted his punishment for his poor attitude at karate.

And he was really happy the rest of the time.

On Sunday, his mentors from school reported that he had a fun time playing at the pool on their outing to the YMCA.

And that evening, he wanted to help Mom make sukiyaki.

When he’s happy, you wonder why he can’t be like that all the time. And hope that perhaps we’ve turned a corner.

I doubt that anything regarding his anger has really changed. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the good times when they occur.


  1. Nice!!

    Sometimes I have no idea what sets Norrin off. But waiting it out does help.

  2. We we have particulary ugly days, I look in at the boys as they as sleeping at night. They look like little angels and I have to laugh at the difference from when they were awake. lol. I hope this week is much improved for your family! ;)

    1. Ha, that is so true Betsy. I think the same way about Kai sometimes after he falls asleep.


  3. Perhaps a bad start...but what a nice ending. That Sukiyaki looks delicious. Kai looks so intent in helping his mother. He looks to be a man on a mission!

    Some of my most treasured childhood memories is of my mother's meals. Beef Sukiyaki was a particular family favorite.

    1. Kai takes his sous chef responsibilities very seriously! :)


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